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General information on the degree courses
Official bulletin
Final examination
Pre-application and admission test
Financial benefits
Students' representatives

General information on the degree courses

The courses of the Department of Astronomy give the student access to a First Level Degree after three years, to a Second Level Degree after two more years (with a thesis) and, if desired, to a Doctoral School in Astronomy of three years duration.

To pursue a career as a professional astronomer the Second Level degree is required and the Doctoral School is strongly recommended.

Official bulletin

It's the traditional vademecum the student receives at application, and always available at the Faculty's site, where she/he can find all information regarding the courses organisation, the courses regulations and the list of all required exams with indications of teachers, advised texts and much more.


Courses for First Level are organized in terms of three months, with the possibility of sustaining examinations at the end of each term.

Attendance to lessons is mandatory, with a flexibility of about 30%. An exception is made for working students who must nevertheless contact the teachers of the laboratories to arrange for supplementary courses at the end of the year.

Final examination

For the first level degree, you may choose between a discussion on a report of a stage you have followed, or a thesis on an astrophysics topic.

For the second level degree e resarch thesis is required at the end of the courses.

Admission requirements

To apply for a degree in Astronomy you must have a secondary school Diploma.
The suggested scientific level of knowledge is detailed in Syllabus, at the site of the Science Faculty (http://www.scienze.unipd.it/).

These sites offer tests to check your preparation level:
http://www.unipd.it/orientamento/questionari.htm, and www.univenetorienta.it

Pre-application and admission test

Your first move is the pre-application that gives access to the admission test at the beginning of September.
Pre-application must be submitted at the end of July/end of August either on-line (http://www.unipd.it/unienter) or going to the office "Pre-immatricolazioni e Immatricolazioni" in Padova, via Venezia 13, or in Treviso, Riviera Santa Margherita, 78.

For more details please consult the University site (in italian), or phone the help desk (049-7809000).


After the admission test you must complete the application documentation on-line (http://www.unipd.it/unienter), and print the form for the bank transfer of the first instalment of university taxes. You also have to fix a date to go to the office of "Pre-immatricolazione e Immatricolazione" – Padova, via Venezia, 13 - to bring all documentation and complete your application.
Please remember to bring the printout of your application form, three identical passport size photos and the receipt of the bank transfer.

If you need more help you can phone the help desk (049-7809000).

All this must be completed within September. For the exact schedule please refer to http://www.unipd.it/studenti/Studenti_corso/scadenze/scadenze1.htm
or http://www.scienze.unipd.it/

Financial Benefits

To help students with financial difficulties there are facilitations that require the submission of an income assessment.
Please refer to "Centri di Assistenza Fiscale (CAF)". You will find at the site below all the addresses of CAF centres with a University agreement and all details: http://www.unipd.it/en/students/benefits.htm

University taxes are due in three instalments. The first is the same for all Faculties while the second and third depend on the chosen Faculty (in this case the Science Faculty) and on the facilitations obtained. For more details see: http://www.unipd.it/studenti/area_comune/tasse_contributi/tasscontr2.htm

If you wish to obtain a scholarship you must, within September, present the on-line request form ( www.unipd.it/sis) and consult the announcement of competition at www.unipd.it/dirittoallostudio.

If you need more help phone our call centre at n. 049-8273131

More help can be obtained from the "Ente Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario" or ESU http://www.esu.pd.it/ .


The University provides a staff to give disabled students all the assistance they need to follow their studies.

For information please contact the Ufficio disabilità, phone 049- 8275038, open Monday to Friday form 8:00 a.m. to 6:00. p.m., or see the University page at http://www.unipd.it/en/students/disability.htm


Padova offers a large variety of possibilities to find accomodation. To have an idea of costs and availability please consult the notice boards at the Department.

If you have the necessary requirements you can participate to the announcements of competition for rooms offered by ESU.


The University can provide, without charge, a tutor to help you in the first phases or assist you along all the courses.

Form to request tutoring (file doc - file pdf)

There are internal tutors and junior tutors. The first is a teacher of your choice who will help you with suggestions on the courses to follow. The second is a post graduate student who will assist you, especially in the first year, if you have particular problems.

The junior tutors for the Science Faculty are available at:
via Marzolo - Centro Interchimico - ufficio 123
via Belzoni - Edificio Paolotti - ufficio 03
Centro Vallisneri - Dip.to di Biologia - piano terra
e-mail: tutorjunior.scienze@unipd.it

Students' representatives

Representatives are elected every year and work as a link between students and teachers.

Benedetta FIORELLI

Contact address : rccl@pd.astro.it

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