Paola Marigo
Department of Physics and Astronomy G. Galilei      University  of Padova         Vicolo dell'Osservatorio 3 I-35122 Padova, Italy        paola.marigo¬©      

Academic year 2016/2017  (
1st semester)
1st-year compulsory course for the Master degree in  Astronomy
Class schedule: Monday & Tuesday, 9:30 -11:15,  Aula A (ground floor)       

Teaching material:
Information and program  (file)

Academic year 2016/2017  (2nd semester) 

3rd-year compulsory course for the Bachelor degree in Astronomy
Compulsory course of the AstroMundus program
Class schedule: Monday & Tuesday, 9:30 -11:15,  Aula Rosino (
2nd floor)

Notices to the students
NEW: Risultati -- Astrofisica Teorica (mod A) -- (2016/17)
Results of the exams in Theoretical Astrophysics (04/02/2016 and 18/02/2016)
Risultati parziali -- esame Astrofisica II -- (28.06.2016)
Risultati -- esame Astrofisica Teorica -- (28.06.2016)