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Programme 1

The Asiago Astrophysical Observatory as Centre of Excellence for the Photographic Archives Digitization, in collaboration with the Observatories of Torino and Catania, and with the Specola Vaticana.
Resp.: Cesare Barbieri

Programme 2

Planetary Space Missions
Resp.: Cesare Barbieri

Programme 3

Galactic Open Cluster
Resp.: Roberto Barbon

Programme 4

Resp.: Roberto Barbon

Programme 5

Properties of nearby galaxies
Resp.: Francesco Bertola

Programme 6

Cataclysmic VariablesasAstrophysical Laboratories
Resp.: Antonio Bianchini

Programme 7

Dynamics, Geodesy And Navigation In The Solar System
Resp.: Stefano Casotto

Programme 8

Chemical enrichment of the galactic and intra-cluster medium
Resp.: Cesare Chiosi

Programme 9

Formation And Evolution Of Galaxies: N-Body Tree Sph Simulations
Resp.: Cesare Chiosi

Programme 10

Population Synthesis in Nearby and Distant Galaxies
Resp.: Cesare Chiosi

Programme 11

Theory Of Stellar Structure And Evolution
Resp.: Cesare Chiosi

Programme 12

Morphology and Evolution of Galaxies in Nearby Clusters
Resp.: Mauro D'Onofrio

Programme 13

Cosmology – Formation And Evolution Of Galaxies And Active Nuclei
Resp.: Alberto Franceschini

Programme 14

Nearby galaxies as laboratories for high resolution studies of molecular gas physics.
Resp.: Giuseppe Galletta 

Programme 15

Simulation of Martian environment and study of limit conditions for life.
Resp.: Giuseppe Galletta

Programme 16

PLANETARY SCIENCES: physical and dynamical study of minor bodies and natural satellites of the Solar System
Resp.: Monica Lazzarin

Programme 17

Groundbased and space observations of star clusters
Resp.: Giampaolo Piotto

Programme 18

Physics of Active Galactic Nuclei and of their Environment
Resp.: Piero Rafanelli

Programme 19

The scaling relations of Elliptical Galaxies
Resp.: Luigi Secco

Programme 20

Theoretical Cosmology And Structure Formation
Resp.: Giuseppe Tormen