Fundamental Astronomy for the 3-year first level, and Astrophysics of Stars and Planets for the 2-year second level of Astronomy.

Elements of Astronomy and Astrophysics  for Aerospace Engineering.

The effects of the terrestrial atmosphere on astronomical observations, for the PhD School of Sciences Technologies and Measurements for Space.

Astronomical Optics for Master in Applied Optics.

Member of the Board of the European School of Observational Astronomy NEON and of the Master in Scientific Communications.

Inside his courses, several teachers from other National and International Universities and Research Institutions are invited:
Dr. Andrea Accomazzo (ESA) Planning space operations in the solar system
Prof. Giuseppe Bianco (ASI Matera) Space Geodesy
Dr. Paolo Ferri (ESA) Navigating in the Solar System
Prof. Nicolas Grevesse (University of Liege, Belgium), The solar chemical composition
Prof. F. Leblanc (CNRS/IPSL France), Mercury’s Exosphere
Prof. Michael Mendillo (Boston University, USA), Planetary Atmospheres and Ionospheres
Dr. Yael Nazé (University of Liege, Belgium), Massive Blue Stars
Dr. Giuseppe Piccioni (INAF/IASF Roma), The atmosphere of Venus
Prof. Nick Schneider (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA) Planetary Atmospheres
Dr. Fabrizio Tamburini Quantum Mechanics and Astronomical Photometry
Prof. Bo Thide (University of Uppsala, Sweden) Electromagnetism

Their lecture notes can be requested contacting prof. Cesare Barbieri

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