Present position: Professor Emeritus, University of Padova
Full Professor of Astronomy, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy 'G. Galilei', University of Padova. ( Oct. 1, 1973 - Sept. 30, 2013)

Born in S. Giovanni in Persiceto (Bologna, Italy) 27/11/1942
Laurea in Physics University of Bologna 24/07/1965, 110/110 cum laude;
Astronomer at the Astronomical Observatory of Padova from 08/1966 to 10/1972;
MacDonald Post-Doctoral fellow 1968-1969 (Austin, Texas, USA);
'Libero docente' in Astrophysics 1971;
Mount Stromlo Fellow 1979 (Canberra, Australia);
Visiting Professor, Boston University, 2003

Main Academic and Research Positions:
1974 - 1977 Member of the CNR Committee on ‘Image Processing Techniques for Geophysics and Astronomy’
1976 - 1987 Member of the Scientific of the CNR National Institute of Radio Astronomy
1977 - 1979 member of the Study Team of the Astrometric Satellite Hipparcos
1977 - 1994 member of the Instrument Definition Team of the Faint Object Camera for the Hubble Space Telescope
1979 - 1982 consultant to the Piano Spaziale Nazionale for Astronomy and Geophysics
1980 - 1989 chairman of the Scientific Committees for the National Telescope OAN (to become the TNG) and for Columbus (to become LBT)
1980 - 1987 responsible for the Italian participation in the Halley Multicolour Camera on the ESA Mission GIOTTO to comet Halley;
1985 - 1987 member of ESA Astronomy Working Group;
1985 - 1991 Director of the Astronomical Observatory of Padova
1987 - 1993 member of the Council of the Astronomical Observatory of Bologna
1988 - 1992 member of the Scientific Technical Committee ESO;
1991 - 1994 member of ESA Space Science Advisory Committee and Scientific Committee for Horizon 2000+;
1991 - 1999 Director of the 3.5m Telescopio Nazionale Galileo (Canary Islands). LINK?
1994 - 1995 Consultant to NASA for the selection of the first Discovery mission
2001 - Member of the Advisory Panel for Astronomical Research in Estonia
2004 - 2005 Member of the Advisory panel for the Belgian Ministry of Research for the evaluation of an astronomical digitization project.
1995 to date: responsible for the Italian participation in the imaging system OSIRIS of Rosetta (Wide Angle Camera).
2008 - 2010 Director of the PhD School Sciences Technologies and Measurements for Space (STMS) of the University of Padova
2010 - 2013, Director of the Galilean School of Excellence (SGSS) of the University of Padova
He has chaired several University, National and European Committees for the evaluation and recruitment of professors, researchers and
technicians, and award of contracts.

Memberships, Prizes and Honours
Member of the Accademia Galileiana (Padova)
Correspondent of the Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere e Arti (Venice).
Member of the Italian Astronomical Society, of the IAU and co-founder of the European Astronomical Society.
NASA Group Award for FOC/HST.
Gold Medal of Italian Ministry for Public Education for Education, Culture and Art.
Commendatore of the ItalianRepublic.

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