European Satellite Astrometry,which paved the way to the approval of the Hipparchos astrometric satellite (ESA Conference, 1977)
The Three Galileos: the man, the spacecraft, the telescope (in collaboration with NASA and DARA (1997, acta published by Kluwer)
31st DPS of the American Astronomical Society (Abano, 1999)
Earth-Moon Relationships, an interdisciplinary conference organized for the Padova Galilean Academy attended by researchers in psychology, zoology, botanic, and astronomy (2000, Acta published by Kluwer)
21st Annual Meeting of the Inter Agency Consultative Group for Space Research (Padova, 10-12 January 2002)
XLVI Annual Congress of the Italian Astronomical Society (Padova, 10-13 April 2002).
2nd ESA/COSPAR GALILEO GNSS (Oct. 2009 Padova)
400th Anniversary of the discovery of the Medicean Moons, (Jan 2010 Padova), IAU Symp. 269, Proceedings published by Cambridge University Press.



He has organized several scientific exhibits:
1986: Halley and Giotto (Padova and several European cities)
1993: Galileo (Madrid)
1996: from Galileo to the Galileo Telescope (La Palma, Canary Islands)
1997: Viaggio nel Cosmo (Padova and Rome, 1997)

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