The University of Padova is one of the Universities of choice for the second and/or fourth semester of the Masters course. The courses offered at Padova in the second semester of the academic year 2012/2013 are listed in the table below.
Detailed programmes of the courses can be downloaded as a pdf document from here.
Note that not all optional courses are activated every year. For the courses that are currently activated, refer to the table below.The lecture period for the summer term 2013 (S2) is scheduled from March 4th to June 16th.
will take place in the period from June to July.
The lecture timetable can de downloaded as a pdf document from here (updated on 31st Jan 2013)
The lectures will take place at vicolo Osservatorio, 3 - 35122 Padova see the map

S2 ECTS Type Lecturer
Astronomical Spectroscopy 6 compulsory Piero Rafanelli
Theoretical Astrophysics 6 compulsory Paola Marigo
Cosmology 6 compulsory Alberto Franceschini
Galaxy Dynamics 6 compulsory Luigi Secco
Astrophysics of Galaxies 6 optional Giuseppe Galletta
Space Plasma Physics
6 optional Piero Benvenuti
Celestial Mechanics 6 optional Stefano Casotto
Stellar Populations 6 optional Giampaolo Piotto
Italian as a Foreign Language 3 optional TBD
S4 ECTS Type  
Master Thesis + Presentation
30 compulsory  
Italian as a Foreign Language 3 optional  

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On March 4th, we welcome the students of the AstroMundus International Course (generation 3) who will spend their second semester at our Physics and Astronomy Department.
According to the Lecture Time-table the program of the first week will be the following:
Monday 4th
09.30 -11.15h a.m., first Lecture (Prof.P.Marigo): lecture hall  “A” (ground floor)
11.30 - 12.30h,  presentation of the N.4 optional Courses: lecture hall  “Rosino” (second floor).
Italian students of Master Degree are also invited to it.
The time- table related to optional courses will be re-arranged according to the number of preferences collected by  the interested students at the end of presentations. The compulsory courses on the contrary will be regularly developed as scheduled.
Friday 8th
12.00h, tour at old tower of Astronomical Observatory
13.00h, welcome party on the lecture hall “Rosino” (second floor).